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In use by the Romani. MIRUNA : Romanian name, derived from the Slavic element mir, meaning peace. NARCISA: Romanian form of Latin Narcissa, possibly meaning numbness; sleep. NICOLETA : Feminine form of Romanian Nicolæ , meaning victor of the people Adelina (name) Adina (given name) Adriana; Alexandra; Alina; Amalia (given name) Ana (given name) Anamaria; Anastasia; Anca (name) Ancuța; Andrada; Andreea; Angela (given name) Angelica (given name) Anica; Antonia (name) Aurelia (name) Aurora (given name

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Romanian feminine form of Gabriel. George m English, Romanian. From the Greek name Γεώργιος (Georgios), which was derived from the Greek word γεωργός (georgos) meaning farmer, earthworker, itself derived from the elements γῆ ( ge) meaning earth and ἔργον ( ergon) meaning work GIRLS: BOYS: Rank: Numbers: Percent : First names: Rank: Numbers: Percent : First names: 1: 12: 2.96 %: Ana: 1: 6: 1.48 %: Alex: 2: 12: 2.96 %: Andreea: 2: 5: 1.23 %: Andrei: 3: 11: 2.72 %: Ioana: 3: 4: 0.99 %: Victor: 4: 6: 1.48 %: monica: 4: 4: 0.99 %: Andrew: 5: 6: 1.48 %: Denisa: 5: 4: 0.99 %: Bogdan: 6: 5: 1.23 %: Alice: 6: 3: 0.74 %: George: 7: 5: 1.23 %: Lorena: 7: 3: 0.74 %: Mihai: 8: 5: 1.23 %: Anna: 8: 2: 0.49 %: Daniel: 9: 5: 1.23 %: Maria: 9: 2: 0.49 %: Sebastian: 10: 4: 0.99 %. The most common Romanian name is Maria, with approximately 1.38 million females having it as one of their given names. Also, almost 1.37 million Romanians have Ion , Ioan and Ioana as one of their given names. [1 Romanian name generator . This name generator will generate 10 random Romanian names. Romania is a country in southeast Europe with a population fo about 20 million people. Like many eastern European countries, Romania regained independence from Russia in 1989, and began to change towards a capitalist economy. Unfortunately Romania is considered a developing country, and is one of the poorest countries in Europe, but the economy has generally been on the rise Girl: Romanian: Christianity,Greek: Anatolie: One from the east. Boy: Romanian: Christianity: Andrada: Romanian version of Andrea, meaning 'man'. Girl: Romanian: Christianity: Angelika: Like an angel. Girl: German,Romanian: Christianity: Anghel: The Romanian form of Angel, meaning angel. Boy: Romanian: Christianity: Anicuta: A variant of Ana, meaning God is gracious. Girl: Romanian: Christianit

Romanian girls are unlikely to make the first move on a man and only let their guard down after building trust. It shows restraint and level-headedness. And if you're going to find a Romanian bride, you will need to be persistent but patient. Firm: Romanian women stand firm on their decisions. With a tongue sharper than a blade, and a rigid mind, they are not afraid to stand by their words. This trait is necessary to weed out unserious people from their lives, and a Romanian. Laura. girl Laurel. + Add to my list Related names. Lilia. girl The lily flower. + Add to my list Related names. Maria. girl Maria is a Latin variation of th... + Add to my list Related names The Romanian form of Daniel. It means beloved. One who is strong and powerful. Dela is a variant of the name Andrew and means manly and brave. Romanian form of Dionysus, meaning 'Greek God of wine'. A variant of Dionisie, meaning Greek god of wine. Romanian form of Dionysus, meaning 'Greek God of wine' Names the Roma are known by around the world: Adcincani or Athinganos (Gr.), Ciganos (Port.), Cigány (Hung.), Çingeneler (Turk.), Cikán (Czech.), Gitani (It.), Gitanos (Sp.), Gitane (Fr.), τσιγγάνοι (Gr.), Jinganos (Lad.), Manne Sigøyner (Fin./Norw.), Sigøjner (Dan.), Ţigani (Rom.), цигани (Bulg.), Zigeuner (Dut./Ger.), and Zingari (It.)

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The ultimate A-Z Romanian names list, complete with name meanings, origins and background info for all Romanian baby names. Check it out 15 random Romanian names generated New. Dimitrie Raducanu (male) Serban Brâncoveanu (male) Catalena Cojoc (female) Ileana Alexandrescu (female) Yessenia Szilágyi (female) Iulien Galca (male) Elena Muresanu (female) Estera Bucsa (female) Luiza Grigorescu (female) Valerica Tomoiaga (female) Nicusor Tugurlan (male) Dracul Dobrescu (male Definition from Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Jump to navigation Jump to search. This is a list of male and female Romanian given names

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Popular Names in Romania 2009 (top 100) Menu. Sign In; Registe Babynology has more than thousands of Romanian baby names and meanings. Here you can deluge yourself with the distinctive list of Romania names. Just browse the modern Romanian babies names shortlist Romanian name from a-z alphabetic order and get the Romanian baby name of your choice. You can pick up the best Romanian names of your choices along with meaning, popularity, numerology, comments and many more. Babynology has collection of 130 Romanian Names with meaning List of Good Names. You will find that many of the vampire names listed below are commonly used in everyday life. So common, in fact, that you might even know someone who has one of these names. They sound like any common name that you have across, except that they have a vampire origin. Armenia; Sukuyan; Belinda; Apple; Carmina; Beatrix; Angeline; Frita; Elphin

By taking the Name of a Child for years that will develop their personality traits according to the Meaning for his/her Name, whether you are the Mother or Father of a New Cute Baby, We have collected the list of Modern Romanian Baby Names with their Meaning. These Names are Modern as well as Unique. These baby name lists are organised alphabetically. Some of the names are longer and you can. Romanian Girls Names: Most Popular Names for Girls in Romania from Namipedia, the Baby Name Wizard's naming encyclopedia frauleinawesome's list Awesome Romanian Names of 98 great name ideas: Adela - Vasilica ROMANIA : ROMANIAN NAMES Male, Female, Surnames, Rulers . ROMANIAN NAMES As used in Romania, with their meanings! ROMANIAN SURNAMES Super long list of names ROMA NAMES Beautiful names from Romany. ROMANI-ENGLISH GLOSSARY For example: Bengalo means Devilish. Many more! NAMES OF FAMOUS ROMANIANS Extensive list of names of famous people from Romania. SERBIA: SERBIAN GIVEN NAMES Long list of male.

This elegant Gypsy girls name is the variation of Russian name Vadim. It is also believed the name origin in Slavic element vadic meaning to know. The name is derived from pagan magician s veduny meaning the knowing ones. It is understandable why so many parents now want to keep a gypsy name for their little ones. The free and vibrant gypsy lifestyle, is always attractive to people. Trying to find a name for a baby girl can be incredibly hard. There are so many options! One way to narrow down your choices is to hone in on an interest. If you like all things witchy, dark, and maybe a little Gothic, this is certainly the list for you. These dark but beautiful names take their inspiration from a variety of sources, from Irish to Arabic. More: 50 Rare Baby Names You Probably. Romanian girls favour more revealing, body-hugging styles of clothes than Slavic ones. They are also edgier in their sense of style. Bright red lipstick is not uncommon on the streets of Bucharest, and neither are other bold choices. Take note before you smooch. Lipstick stains are not as sexy as they are claimed to be Sasha Grey first made her name as one of the most notorious adult film stars in recent history; but with a no regrets attitude, she moved on from her former career, in 2009 at age 21. She has gone on to star in HBO's Entourage, published NEÜ SEX a book of photographs, and she DJ's internationally. 10. Jenna Haze Actress | Superbad Porn star Jenna Haze was born and raised in conservative. Romanian girls love to learn about new things, cultures, traditions, etc. As mentioned before, they tend to be highly educated, this allows them to be very open-minded about other cultures, traditions, and religions. They are also known to be some of the most beautiful women in Europe. Their diet and daily routines allow them to maintain slender figures. Romanian women are some of the most.

Jul 19, 2019 - Explore Krista McDougal's board Female Character Names, followed by 1037 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about female character names, character names, names with meaning Girls Names A to Z - Baby Girl Name - Meanings; Currently we have 25 Girls Names Beginning with letter D in our Romanian collectio Romanian last names are traditionally patronymic, meaning they are taken after the fathers name. As such, they commonly use suffixes that denote the origin of the name. Patronymic surnames will end in -escu, meaning son of. Other Romanian suffixes include; -ăscu, -eanu, -anu, -an, -aru, -atu, or -oiu. These Romanian suffixes identify ancestral nationality. Romanian last names also have.

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  1. ine but connote strength, such as Aurelia and Livia. Along with Aurelia and Livia, other Roman girl names in the US Top 1000 include Cecilia, Octavia, Valentina.
  2. These names are all taken from the Basarab line, and include only Romanian names. The Basarabs were an old Romanian family that ruled Wallachia and Moldavia from the early 14th century to the end of the 16th. The two main subfamilies were the Draculas and the Daneşiti. The Draculas, by far the more famous of the two, were the descendents of Vlad II Dracul, and the Daneşti were the.
  3. A list of the top ten most popular baby names in Romania for the past year
  4. The name was originally a male name, but became somewhat popular as a religious girl's name due the misidentification of the sex of the Russian martyr Inna, a male student of the Apostle Andrei. Изабелла : eezah-BEH-la: Izabella-From Hebrew name Elisheva, which means my God is an oath. Изольда: ee-ZOL-dah: Izolda-Means beautiful. Искра: EEskra: Iskra-Means spark. К - Л.
  5. Female names could follow similar conventions, with a few differences. Additional elements such as tribal affiliation and filiation (parentage), were also sometimes used. Read more about names in ancient Rome. Roman family name . While the praenomen can be understood as the equivalent of modern first name, the nomen-cognomen combination represents the Roman surname or family name. This is a.

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  1. Romanian names are used in the countries of Romania and Moldova in eastern Europe. More Filters. usage Close. Select filters then press SEARCH below -Usage or language. Usage: Language + Letters. Initial: Pattern : the letters in the pattern are compared to the letters in the name.
  2. List of romanian baby girl names start with letter G and meaning. Find romanian girl names that start with alphabet G. BabyNamesCube.com is the largest and ultimate collection of romanian girl names
  3. utives of male given names: Romanian di
  4. Top 20 Romanian names: 1. Ana Maria - Anne Mary (from Latin name Anna. This in turn is a representation of the Hebrew Hannah, which means favor or grace) 2. Alexandru - Alexander (Greek name Αλεξανδρος / Alexandros, which means defending men..
  5. Sep 15, 2020 - Viorica Bedeutung Bluebell rumänischen Namen V Babynamen V Babynamen Fema Blueb... #baby namen französisch #baby namen meisje uniek #baby namen nederlandse #baby namen verraten #Babynamen #Bedeutung #Blueb #Bluebell #Fema #namen #rumänischen #Viorica. Pinterest . Today. Explore. Log in. Sign up.. Saved from baby.ethemkizil.com. Top 50 Most Romantic Girl Names For Your Baby.
  6. Top Female Names; Top Male Names; Popular Short Names; Popular Long Names; Name Compatibility; Numerology; Name Day Calendar; First Name Quiz ; Find out the date of your nameday celebration. Find and celebrate your name day or discover the name days of the week. You can also check the name days on the previous, next and the current day. Name Day Calendar 21 May. Konstantin. Origin: Latin.

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  1. This is a list of Romanian saints. Saint Apostle Andrew the First-Called (Sfântul Apostol Andrei, Cel- Intâi chemat) (November 30); Hierarchs and priests. Hieromartyr Antim the Ivirian, (Sfântul Ierarh Martir Antim Ivireanul), (1650-1716), feast day on September 27; Bretranion, Bishop of Tomis (Sfântul Bretranion, Episcopul Tomisului), (†381), feast day on January 2
  2. ine beauty and wild independence. From sweet and floral to royal and unusual, women's names inspire poetry, love and music. So let's see 25 of the most amazing Slavic baby girl names. 25 Elitsa. Let.
  3. There are two lists of names - one of Roma names for themselves, the other names for the Roma in other languages. Roma names. Name: Meaning: Notes: Source : Argintari: Silversmiths: Romanian: 5: Ashkali : Montenegro, Kosovo, Macedonia; don't speak Romani: 1.73: Aurari: Goldwashers: Romania: 1.171: Aurari: Goldwashers: Romanian: 5: Beticos : Castilian-speaking Andalusian Roma who have.
  4. Romanian Girl Names. Alexandru. Old Greek - Defender of Men; A variant of name Alexander. Anatolie. One from the east. Anghel. The Romanian form of Angel, meaning angel. Atanase . The Romanian form of Athanasius, meaning immortal. Avram. Hebrew - Father of multitude; High Father; Derivative of name Abraham. Benedikte. Benedikte is a variant of the name Benedict and means blessed. Benedikto. A.

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Baby name encyclopedia from The Baby Name Wizard: meanings and origins, popularity, pronunciations, sibling names, surveys...and add your own insights! Girl Names Starting With Y: Find Y Names For Girls at BabyNameWizard.com | Baby Name Wizar 10 Greek Female Dog Names. 1. Aphrodite. Aphrodite is the goddess of beauty, love, pleasure and procreation. Her major symbols include doves, myrtles, roses, sparrows and swans. She is the daughter of Zeus and Dione. This name is appropriate for so many dogs, as they are all beautiful! I do kind of love it for a poodle, though. 2. Artemis. If you want a good hunting dog name, you can't get. R oman baby names and what they mean, for roman, with 113 results. Adoption of these girl names was at its peak in the 1950s (USAGE OF 8.66%) and is now much reduced (USAGE 2.91%, 66%), with names such as Agatha becoming less in vogue.The trendier baby names among these are Athena (#117), Aurora (#44), Eliana (#83), Emilia (#58) and Octavia (#430), while Arora (TOP 7%) and Levia (90%) are. Scammers search scammers list gold diggers full database browse by name new scammers celebrities photos report a scam For members register membership lucky membership Information about campaign scam scenarios warning signs Agencies agency check-list join our program you recommend Contacts guestbook testimonials contact us. Browse all scammers: click scam report to read original report.

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The following tables include the 1000 most common female first names in the US population during the 1990 census according to the U.S. Census Bureau's Population Division. Another way to estimate the most common first names in America is to look at names of babies registered at birth with the Social Security Administration (SSA). This approach allows us to see what names are popular in a given. for Girls and Names from Romania. Translation: Bilingual Early Romanian words for for Kids (Teach. Romanian Names [Vinyl. frustfreier Verpackung verschickt. Romanian names - Der absolute Testsieger unter allen Produkten. Wir als Seitenbetreiber begrüßen Sie als Interessierten Leser auf unserer Webseite. Wir haben uns der Mission angenommen, Varianten verschiedenster Art ausführlichst zu.

On Christmas, Romanian women named Cristina, Cris, Chris, and men named Cristi and Cristian also celebrate their name days. While for men it's enough to say La multi ani! (together with the. The best female dog name will of course be whichever one you decide to pick for your perfect pup. And we sure would love to hear what that is! Tell Us Your Dog's Name! You can rest assured there are plenty of other eager dog parents busily brainstorming their way through one list of girl dog names after another. Trying to find that one perfect match. Maybe the wonderful new female dog name.

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  1. Several western names have made it into the top hundred baby girl names in 2017. These include Sophia, Mary, Mia, Michelle, Riva, Tia, Eleanor, Gabriella and Emma. Some previously popular names have lost favour with parents of baby girls. These include Zara down 87 places, Shanaya down by 68 ranks and Inaaya that slid 51 spots. Other names that lost ground in 2017 are Zoe, Aarna, Ishaani.
  2. Names from Romania for Girls and Romanian names Resümees Um gewiss sagen zu können, dass ein Potenzmittel wie Romanian names wirkt, können Sie sich die Resultate und Fazite anderer Personen im Netz ansehen.Forschungsergebnisse können quasi nie als Hilfe genutzt werden, denn normalerweise werden diese einzig und allein mit verschreibungspflichtigen Arzneien durchgeführt
  3. 114 Elegant Romanian Girl Names With Meanings; 16/12/2020 Remp No Comments. Content. Tips On How To Meet Romanian Girls Mother And Father: Three Tips; Courting A Romanian Woman: Take A Look At Probably The Most Useful Ideas; We Have Discovered 8 Romanian Women Profiles; Stunning Czech Women Most Needed ; Women in Romania value friendship and customarily they're positive and friendly in the.
  4. Romanian Girl Names . List of Romanian Names for Girls and Boys. If you're looking to name your little one, choosing a Romanian name might be the way to go. There are various reasons why you might want to do this: to honor your Romanian heritage, because you are married with a Romanian or simply because you like how these names sound. No matter what your reasons Read more. Latest.
  5. ine form of Romanian Dorin, meaning of the.
  6. This is a map of the most recurring Romanian family names, computed over different areas of the country. Feel free to zoom in or even look up your own name using the search field below. The project maintains an index of 2.700.000 families from 3.800 cities & villages and contains over 130.000 unique names. If you have any suggestions or just want to report a bug, you can reach me at nume [at.
  7. Mihaela (Romanian girl name) GypsyGirl Due June 26 (girl); Japan 3 posts . May 3rd '12. I want to name my daughter Mihaela what do you think of this name?its a Romanian name. Add Friend Ignore. Amanda050714 Due May 7 (boy.

Given names often have the same origin, and were then adapted for other languages and countries. food-for-bots. Members. My Account. Home. First names. Family names. Real people. Baby. Interactive. More First names Translate Name days. BOOKMARK. PRINT. RECOMMEND Translate Given Name. Type in any first name that you would like to translate into another language:. Fake Name: Mihai Teodorescu: Address: Aleea Constantin Brâncuși 3B, Târgu Frumos, Covasna, CP 512245: Latitude & longitude:-59.502849, -2.61457 We have badass girl names for those wanting to name their little girl after a famous, powerful woman in (or making) history. We have many names on this list that are both common and unique. Nonetheless, they are still the best names for those wanting to raise an empowering, strong young woman. Stop your search for the best baby girl names because we have them all here! Consider these cool. Name meaning for Mihaela with description, pronunciation for Mihaela and origin of the given name. food-for-bots. Members. My Account. Home. First names. Family names. Real people. Baby. Interactive. More First names Translate Name days. BOOKMARK. PRINT. RECOMMEND. First name: Mihaela . Relations - Frequency - Name Days - Famous People - Similar Given Names » See also: Mihaéla Female. Uses some modern Romanian characters. Names from the Royal Lines of Moldavia and Wallachia, by Aryanhwy merch Catmael This article contains names extracted from an on-line history of medieval Romania, particularly from lists of rulers of Wallachia and Moldavia. The spellings and forms of names may be modernized, and some of the bynames were probably created by historians long after the fact.

Romanian girls love to learn about new things, cultures, traditions, etc. As mentioned before, they tend to be highly educated, this allows them to be very open-minded about other cultures, traditions, and religions. They are also known to be some of the most beautiful women in Europe. Their diet and daily routines allow them to maintain slender figures. Romanian women are some of the most. Romania may not bag headlines too often or feature in the itinerary of every tourist visiting Europe, but that does not really cloud the enticements and excitements that the country has to offer. Its diverse landscape, jaw-dropping castles, and great food aside, Romania has a wad of other baits too and incredible ones at that, remarkable enough to floor anyone wanting to explore all about it.

Girl Names That Mean Brave These girl names mean strong and brave. There are options from all over the world: Amandla - This strong African name means powerful, brave woman.; Andrea - This lovely Greek classic name for girls means brave defender of men.; Anoud - An Arabic name for girls, this means brave and courageous.; Bern - This simple French name for girls means brave (Ind.) - name. In every human society one must somehow identify individual persons: men, women, children. The shortest and most basic identification is their names. Among Slovak Roma three types of basic names are used: family name (i.e., the family name of the father or mother) Romani name (nickname) Gadžo name (personal/ first name) Family name (i.e. the family name of the father or. However, we remove these girls, as well as any girl who has been suspected in scam activity, from our catalogue, and we will not sell their address to our customers. One of our customers has been scammed by Diana Drozdova (Moscow, Russia). Her real name is Diana Pirojnikova which she used to pick up Western Union transfer. I have had a contact with Diana Drozdova (fairy-tale@ipex.ru) for about. Celtic girl names are always a fun option for children. If you have Celtic heritage, then these names will let you show it off. To start your journey toward interesting and beautiful Celtic girl names, we have compiled a list of the 200 best options. 200 Celtic Girl Names and Meanings 1. Alanis: This name [ Looking for the perfect name for your little one? Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world

The top girls names that moms and dads are loving now can also give you an idea of the trends in girls names, and provide inspiration. You might decide that you don't love any of the names on the top 100 girls names list and wish to find a unique girls name instead, but maybe now you have an idea of the style of names you prefer. Either way, you're closer to finding the perfect baby girl. Pages in category Danish Female Names The following 200 pages are in this category, out of 6,315 total. (previous page) ( Whether you want to honor your Italian heritage or give your baby girl a name inspired by your latest trip to Rome, look no further than this list of 150 Italian girl names for your baby bella. Looking for⭐AFRIKAANS NAMES⭐for boys and girls? Here are more than 100 names for each gender; therefore, you can always find a cute Afrikaans baby name. Free subscription Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in South Africa. Be the first to get hottest news from our Editor-in-Chief Please use a valid email Sign up. Thank you! Check your email and confirm your.

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Dating Romanian Girls Made Simple Experience the magic of direct interaction with single Romanian women without mediators. Elena's Models dating app gives you the vital ability to maintain the best timing in your approach to dating online: Connect on the go from your mobile or tablet via chat or video chat. Or simply share emails and phone numbers and take your romance off the site Here is a comprehensive list of traditional French names as well as the most popular names for girls in France and Canada today. These names will give any girl an aura of elevated sophistication and beauty A list of Cute Cat Names for Girl cats! Find the perfect name for your kitty by searching our list of 1500+ names by category Female Names Ashusikildigir - Early royal wife in Ur (1) Enanatuma - Daughter of King Ishme-Dagan (1) En-hedu-anna - This Sumerian name was held by the daughter of Sargon of Akkad (3) Ninbanda - Early dynastic queen (1) Puabi - Early dynastic queen (1) Shagshag - Early queen of Lagash c 2350 B.C. (during the Sumerian period?) (5) Shub-ad - Early queen of Ur c. 2500 B.C. (5) Male Names Aanepada.

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Glad (name of a romanian ruler in the 14th century) Gruia Gorun (a tree) Haiduc (meaning The Outlaw) Horea (name of a romanian hero) Horia Iancu Ilie Ilieş [iliesh] Iorgu Iureş (meaning a big hurry) Jaru (from the fire) Jianu (name of a romanian hero from the early 19-th centruy who faught for the rights of the poor people, also meaning from the lands of river Jiu) Lãbuş [laebush, ae=ã. The list is divided by male names for vampires and female names for vampires. Many of these names may sound unfamiliar or unusual as some are taken from older times and are not popular names for boys or girls today. How to use this list of vampire names. The list of names below can be used to help identify someone as a possible vampire simply by hearing their name. Often the name will have a.

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She became famous when she was 12 years old as a member of the most succesful girl Don't want to see ads? Upgrade Now. Alexandra Stan. 543,458 listeners. Alexandra Stan (born 10 June 1989 in Constanța, Romania) is a Romanian vocalist. Her career began in 2009 when native music producers Marcel Inna. 643,335 listeners. Inna, real name Elena Alexandra Apostoleanu, was born on 18 October. Popular Ukrainian Last Names on FamilyEducation: Bondar, Kushnir, Yurkovich. Image: Yalta, Crimea, Ukraine. Ukrainian Last Names . FE-Baby Name. Baby Names Baby Names. Top 100 Names for Boys Top 100 Names for Boys; Top 100 Names for Girls Top 100 Names for Girls; Search for Names by Trait Search for Names by Trait; Browse First Names by Origin Browse First Names by Origin; Browse All Names. Russian Girl Names. A collection of Russian Girl Names, Popular and Unique Russian Girl Names

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Each town was listed under it's current Romanian name, then it told it's old Hungarian name. The only reason I had enough info to look up one of the Romanian town names as a possiblity was dumb luck. I had found a city website for a town close by to where I was researching and within their site, I found a small village listed. Since it appeared to be the right vicinity, I decided to look up. Unique German Girl Names & Meanings. Boy. Girl. Boys & Girls. A You are now seeing German girls names from A to H. Click here to see names from I to Z. Ada . Adal (Sweet or noble) Adalgisa (Noble hostage) Adalgisal (Noble hostage) Adalheida (Sweet or noble) Adali . Click a name to add to your German baby list . Adalicia (Of the nobility, Noble) Adalie . Adaliz (Of the nobility, Noble.

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Find the best female pet name by browsing our list of Spanish dog names. Melia Eva Lalo Elena Valencia Marcia Zerlina Chica Presencia Rosalinda Roberta Cornelia Cielo Idola Fernanda Tia Emelda Damita Graciela Carmen Ventura Mora Felicia Eldora Lita Sierra Rosa Lucinda Julia Belinda Lela Macaria Nina Loretta Zita Luz Delores Cristina Frederica Zoila Reina

32 Pics of Beautiful Women Around Globe ! | Reckon TalkClassify beautiful Russian looking Romanian actress Flavia
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